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transcom_seoTranscom has launched a new SEO (Search Engine Optimisation Service) for a fixed fee, based on its 18 years of ISP experience, and on months of trials and tests, results acheived being extremely positive, before you consider this, jump here for a free keyword analysis of your current site.

Despite what you may hear from scams and tricks, there is no secret to getting your site high in the search engines, but it does involve precise work on your website to ensure it is freindly to the bots that collect and grade your site.

There are around 15 factors that have to be followed precisely and will certainly involve modifications to the way text is placed and formatted on your site, in most cases, this just involves re defining the content.

This work takes on average around 8 hours to complete per site, and you can expect to see results within 24 hours, with changes occuring as your site is juggled for the following 7 days.

What needs to be determined are the keywords, these are words or phrases typed by users into search engines to bring up services, information or products. Choose 5 keywords, make them so they are not too unique or too generic, example :

fred blogs magic show : too unique, its doubtfull this will ever be typed in
magic : too generic, there will be too much competition on this keyword
magic show berkshire : ideal key phrase

We will then develop, modufy and change the way your content is presented to acheive high results, and produce before and after results.

Free Analysis
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Bio Allergy Testing – Daily Mail

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‘Bio-electronic regulatory medicine’ tests for chronic food intolerances

Long-term, low-level health problems may not be life-threatening but they can be debilitating and distressing.

When physiotherapist Claire Jones, 23, took up her first NHS hospital post in November 2006 she was very busy: “I really had to prove myself.”

Over the winter, she developed a “grumbly tummy: it churned continuously. I didn’t have cramps or diarrhoea but always felt I needed to go to the loo.”

A holiday in the spring quietened her symptoms but once back at work they slowly worsened.

“I felt run-down, always tired and as if I was hungover, although I hadn’t been drinking.”

Claire’s sister and mother had both suffered from similar symptoms caused by chronic food intolerances which were detected by food intolerance testing at a natural health clinic.

So, last September, she booked to see Melanie Roberts at the Orchard Clinic in Chard, Somerset, who uses a testing system called ‘bio-electronic regulatory medicine’ (BER medicine), which originated from the principles of acupuncture.

The patient holds a metal handpiece wired to a black box with a dial while the therapist presses a probe on acupuncture points on the hands or feet.

It’s claimed that this technology (of which there are several different versions) creates an electrical circuit between the box and the person which can measure the body’s response to different substances placed in the box.

According to Melanie, who has a degree in human biology, “it’s basically a galvanometer” – an instrument for detecting and measuring electric current.

Claire admits to being sceptical but open-minded as the screening had worked so well for her mother and sister. Among the 100 foods tested, her body reacted negatively to coffee and yeast.

“I’d tried eliminating wheat and dairy before, but that had made no difference.

“When I followed Melanie’s advice to cut out coffee and all yeast-containing foods, including bread, mushrooms, cheese (except soft cream cheeses), Marmite, Bovril, stock cubes, monosodium glutamate flavouring and all alcohol except for gin, vodka, and champagne, the change was amazing.

“All the problems stopped and I felt brilliant within two weeks.”

Eight months on, Claire eats small amounts of cheese and other yeast-containing foods and finds that her tummy is calm unless she’s under pressure: “It flares up a little if I’m very busy and eat yeasty foods.

“I know now that I suffer from these food intolerances which seem to be triggered by stress but I know how to deal with them.

“It’s such a big relief; I didn’t realise how much it was playing on my mind.”

Strange as BER medicine sounds – with little scientific evidence to back it up and some vitriolic critics in conventional medicine – such devices are widely used in Germany.

Melanie says that several GPs have recommended patients to her.

I’ve consulted a practitioner who uses a similar device and been impressed, as have several friends.

However, no diagnostic tool – conventional or alternative – is 100 per cent accurate. ________________________

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Bio Regulatory Regulatory Medicine

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Recommended Links for further reading on our testing process and validity.

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Acne and IBS – all cleared !

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I recently had an allergy test with Allergy Test London, and within weeks of giving up the foods that my body was intolerant to, and taking the recommended supplements, my acne was starting to clear up and my IBS symptoms had eased significantly. Two months on and I have just had my first retest. My skin is clear and I no longer suffer with the debilitating stomach cramps, diarrohea, constipation etc that characterised my IBS. I am still mildly intolerant to some of the foods I had to give up, so will need to go for a second retest in another two months, but it’s more than worth it for the relief from my symptoms!! I am so pleased I booked that original appointment, and looking forward to my next retest, knowing that my body (and diet!) will soon be back to normal.
Melissa Wilson, London

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Dairy, Red Wine and Beer

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“I just wanted to let you know how much better I have been feeling since my test! I have eliminated all dairy, including any butter etc, wheat, rye, eggs, red wine and beer and it is amazing what a difference it has made. I feel so energetic and cheerful and my boyfriend can’t stop telling me how healthy and vibrant I look. I’ve just returned from holiday in Sweden – everyone there also thought that I looked in much better health then the last time they had seen me.”
Jennifer Tilston, London

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Allergic to Coffee, Mussels and Butter

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“I had my allergy test done with Kate 2 weeks ago. I found out that I was intolerant/allergic to coffee, mussels and butter. All of these I didn’t enjoy anyway. My big food love was sugar (honey on toast for breakfast, ginger nuts and mini chocolate bars as daily treats). I needed sugar daily in fact after every meal and when I found out I was intolerant to sugar I was shocked. I was also found to be deficient in chromium (which explained why I needed to have my sugar fix constantly). As a very fit person I stay with ease in the healthy weight range for my height and have for ten years been the same weight. After the first week I lost 5 pounds and my sugar cravings had totally gone! The first 3 days were tough but now I feel great – lighter, healthier and full of energy.”
Kate Llewelyn-Waters, London

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Allergy Test UK – Be very aware..

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Years ago we fell into the trap of purchasing two franchises from Allergy Test UK Ltd, if your thinking of doing this, be aware of the complaints from virtually all of the ex testers, the methodolgies of collecting funds, the lack of support or marketing, and the severe attitude of its now single owner.

Our contract was terminate by email, one franchise was never even used, we lost over £10000 and made an official complaint via lawyers, who ascertained we have a case.

This is still ongoing, we are awaiting documentation to present the case to the DTI, who will investigate on our behalf where 10 or more franchisee’s submit.

Write your experiences here about Allergy Test UK Ltd, we will post items as they arrive.

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Vega Testing and the Sceptics

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In everything we do or see, there are always sceptics, but a basic understanding of the procudures, the proof and the testimonials, clearly show otherwise.

Vega testing has been around for many years, in fact every doctors surgery throughout Germany has a device to hand, with an experienced GP using it.

The testing is definitive, that is, it can be reproduced time and time again, so one test agent, suitably trained, will acheive absolutely identical results on the subject, there is no variation whatsoever.  Reports of different agents obtaining different results are clearly down to the operator, no one can just pick up a Vega device and use it, lots of documented training is needed.

The device does not emit huge amounts of electricity, it is a passive device, that is it places a substance in circuit using a wheastone bridge principal, which is resistive.

Results are also definitive, there is no guess work in the result, the device can not be made to change the result.

Proof is really in the customers reports, we will be posting many of these, but just to say that the BBC visitied our offices for a test of the reporter, and successfully identified a long standing allergy that no GP or hospital came even close to…

What more proof is needed…

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