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Allergy Test Centre, is where we have been carrying out non invasive and concise allergy tests for many years, with over 15 individual allergy testing facilities throughout the United Kindom and Hungary. You can find information on where to book an allergy test on our contacts page


Allergy tests for Chemical Sensitivity
Chemical sensitivity often (but not always) develops in people who are prone to other types of allergy. They may have a history of asthma, eczema or hayfever in the past, or in close family members. Some will have been prone to headaches from perfumes, or nausea from paint smells, for many years and this gradually develops into more serious chemical sensitivity. In other patients illness follows an acute exposure to a high level of a particular chemical such as a pesticide, or fumes from an office photocopier.

Understanding Allergies  / Intolerance
The immune system should respond to fight off invading bacteria, parasites, viruses and other threats to our well being. It should react differently (or not at all) to things such as house dust mites, pollens and foods, but in certain people the wrong type of ‘aggressive’ antibodies are produced in response to contact with these normally harmless substances.allergy test centre for pollens

Allergy Tests for School Days
Starting school whether primary or secondary can be a daunting experience for anyone (both parents and children!), but if you have an allergy it is essential to be confident that this will be managed effectively.

Allergy Testing for Inhalent sensitivities
There are various allergens that can be inhaled to cause allergic reactions. This group includes pollens, moulds, animal dander and housedust mites.

Allergy to Drugs – The Facts
There are a variety of ways in which people can experience adverse reactions to medications, whether prescribed or ‘over-the-counter’. Most of these effects are not ‘allergy.

Far Infra Red Saunas for MCS Sufferers
It has been known for decades that sweating is a wonderful way to get rid of stored chemicals, including heavy metals and pesticides, however many people especially those with MCS cannot tolerate either the extreme heat in a conventional sauna, or the associated symptoms that can be exacerbated after this kind of detoxification treatment.

wheat allergy testTesting for Wheat Allergy
Wheat is a grain which is a common component of our western diet. A few years ago anyone excluding wheat faced a difficult task trying to find alternatives, now there is much more awareness and consideration into special diets.

Testing for Peanut Allergy in Younger Children
It is estimated that peanut allergy may affect 1 in 50 children. With good management and practical solutions peanut allergy can be managed and risks can be minimised, however younger children may need some extra help! As independence is gained your child has to learn to deal with many new situations.

Allergy Tests for Hayfever
Hayfever is an allergic reaction to pollen which causes inflammation and irritation to the lining of the eyes, nose and throat. Pollen from trees and grass is a common allergen and can affect sufferers at specific times of the year. It is therefore known as “seasonal allergic rhinitis”, because of when pollen sensitivity occurs.

Sick Building Syndrome
Public concern and awareness has grown over the last few decades about adverse health effects of exposure to chemicals in the everyday environment. Much work has focused on potential chemical exposure in the work environment in offices. This first came to consideration in the 1970’s when reports linked symptoms to the occupancy of buildings that had been deliberately “air-tightened” to conserve energy during a Middle East oil embargo.

allergy test for food productsFood Allergy Tests and Food Intolerance Tips
A food allergy is triggered when a reaction occurs after contact with a particular food to which you are sensitised (i.e. you have taken in this food before in some form). The body sees the food as a foreign substance and mounts an attack against the protein from the foods by producing IgE antibodies (via the immune system).

Allergy Testing for Candida
Candida is a yeast which is found on the skin and in the gut of most people, whether they are healthy or unwell. Most of the time it does not cause a problem. There are several circumstances in which Candida can become a problem.

Specific Immunotherapy (Desensitisation)
Specific Immunotherapy (SIT) has been used to treat severe seasonal or intermittent allergic rhinitis (hayfever) for many decades. It is a vaccine of the allergen to which the patient is allergic, usually grass or tree pollen, which is given by injection into the upper arm.

Skin Sense
New Genetic Findings Unlock the Key to Atopic Eczema, Dermatitis and Sensitive Skin. Sensitive skin and susceptibility to eczema and dermatitis are genetically inherited, rather than only a product of our personal environment, as previously thought, according to Dr Michael Cork, Head of Academic Dermatology at the University of Sheffield Medical School.

A Review of Allergy Testing Services in the UK
After all the campaigning and hard work by supporters of Allergy UK, The National Allergy Strategy Group, the Allergy Alliance and the Anaphylaxis Campaign to get the voices of all allergy sufferers heard by Members of Parliament, the Chief Medical Officer, the Department of Health and Primary Care Trusts (who now have the responsibility of providing NHS Allergy services), will the Government listen this time? The signs are hopeful. Read More.allergy test centre for aircraft spraying

Chemical Spraying Aboard Aircraft
In order to prevent the international spread of diseases there is now the widespread practice of spraying disinfectant aboard aircraft prior to take off. This article provides information and advice for passengers on how to protect themselves from exposure to these chemicals.

Indoor Allergy Advice and Tests for them
If you are suffering from an allergy to house dust mite, pets or moulds have a look at this advice that could help ease some of your symptoms

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